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This site was designed for a class I took at school. I wanted to keep my site simple for fast downloading times and easy to navigate. I chose the bluish background because I think it makes easier to read text and look at pictures. I have limited personal information about me and my family because of the security risks.

I also thought this would be a great tool for when I ever need to find a job. Even if a do not have a copy of my resume I can always give a potential employer my web site.

I used Adobe Dreamweaver to create this site but I found that I also had to learn how to use an image manipulation program called Gimp. Although Gimp is free and there is a lot of how to's on the web it is not an easy program to learn. I spent a fair amount of time building this simple site but I now have a new respect for those people who design and develope much larger web sites.





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